Eagle: Brush Creek restoration

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From the Vail Daily (Pam Boyd):

This summer, Brush Creek was the focus of attention. Eagle Open Space Coordinator Bill Heicher said the work included stream bank stabilization to prevent erosion. “The stream enhancement work, when it is done, you can’t tell that people have been in there with heavy equipment,” said Heicher. The idea is to create a better mix of pools and riffles, which in turn makes a better environment for fish. Riffles are more shallow areas where water ripples over rocks. Riffles are important to overall stream heath because they create oxygen in the water and keep water temperatures cool. Pools are deeper areas where fish congregate and where they winter. Both conditions are vital and ideally they alternate along a stream course. By bringing in the heavy equipment, the project was able to achieve that condition. “It improved the integrity of the stream. It makes Brush Creek function better,” said Heicher.

More restoration coverage here.

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