Good Samaritan legislation talk fuels Clean Water Act compromise fears

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Cleaning up old mines is causing a split amongst conservationists. Some want to do the cleanup without assuming the risk of owning the pollution. Others are wary of granting exemptions to the Clean Water Act. Here’s a report from Katie Redding writing for the Colorado Independent. From the article:

“The environmental groups in Washington, D.C, surprisingly enough, are the biggest impediment to passing this legislation,” explained Jeff Crane, executive director of the Colorado Watershed Assembly. “It completely baffles my mind. I just don’t get it.”

For their part, environmental groups like the Washington, D.C.-based Clean Water Network and Oakland, Calif.-based Earthjustice, argue that waiving compliance with the Clean Water Act, for any reason, is a dangerous precedent. “Waiving environmental laws that are meant to protect people’s health defeats the purpose of having environmental laws to begin with,” said Jessica Ennis, spokeswoman for Earthjustice, a prior opponent.

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