Bayfield: Town trustees raise water tap fees

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From the Pine River Times (Carole McWilliams):

Bayfield town trustees have raised water tap fees to $6,600, up from $4,334 for a basic three-quarter inch tap and a similar percentage increase for larger taps. They approved the increase on Oct. 6, effective immediately. It applies to anyone who hadn’t already submitted construction paperwork to the town by that day. There was concern about builders loading up on cheaper taps if there was a time lag…

Clifton said water tap fees will bring in around $100,000 this year, and he’s projecting $86,000 in 2010. The water capital fund is paying $97,000 a year in debt, he said. “If the money isn’t available through tap fees, we have no choice but to take it from rates,” he advised. We have $215,000 in capital expenses, and we are bringing in $87,000.” The water treatment plant is at 80 percent of capacity and needs to be expanded in the next few years, and a system pump needs to be upgraded, he said. He is budgeting $100,000 a year to save up for plant expansion. He is expecting an average $218,000 in new water capital expenses in each of the next four years. Clifton then presented options for higher water tap fees, ranging from $5,500 to $6,600. The current fee is $4,334. Raising the fee to $6,271 would bring in around $188,000 a year, he said.

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