Snowpack: El Niño building in the Pacific Ocean

A picture named elninolanina

From via the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

The Climate Prediction Center issued its Winter Outlook for temperatures and precipitation Thursday and it is calling for the El Nino pattern. El Nino comes when there are unusually warm waters in tropic sections of the Pacific Ocean. This warmer than average condition of the sea surface changes rainfall patterns in the tropics and the jet stream pattern over North America. The Climate Prediction Center believes El Nino conditions should strengthen over the winter months. Scientists there believe that could bring warmer than average temperatures over the high plains and Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado. But it will be cooler than average from Texas east along the Gulf Coast. As for precipitation, it will be wetter than average for the California and Gulf Coasts. It will be drier than average for the Ohio Valley and the northwestern Corner of the United States.

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