Cortez: New sanitation district rates take hold

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From the Cortez Journal (Steve Grazier):

[District Manager Jay Conner] said business and multi-unit users will still pay $27 per month for thousands of gallons of flushing water. However, the $27 rate nets customers 3,000 gallons a month instead of the previous 10,000 gallons. Customers using more than 3,000 gallons will be charged an additional $3.50 per 1,000 gallons. Multi-unit and commercial users receiving a rate increase typically consist of Cortez’s downtown businesses, mobile-home park residents and apartment building tenants, Conner said.

The sanitation district manager cited various reasons for the rate increase, which affects about 1,100 multi-unit users and 283 commercial businesses in and near Cortez. “Our sewer lines are needing some repair,” Conner said. “The cost of billing, fuel and materials have also gone up.” Conner added that the Cortez Sanitation District has more than 100,000 feet of clay-tile sewer lines being replaced in and around the city. About 80,000 feet of asbestos-concrete lines are also in need of replacement.

Residential customers of the sanitation district are also on tap for a rate hike, Conner said. The monthly charge of $27 per household is targeted for an additional $3 in January 2010.

The sanitation district board is scheduled to vote on the issue at its Dec. 14 regular meeting, Conner said. Residential and commercial sanitation customers last received fee hikes in December 2008.

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