Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program ditch company grants presentation

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From the Delta County Independent (Kathy Browning):

The presentation will be given at Memorial Hall in Hotchkiss on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. Members of local ditch companies, irrigation canal organizations and anyone else with an interest in salinity programs are invited to attend. Federal grant opportunities are available to ditch companies that qualify for the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program. The Bureau of Reclamation accepts proposals to reduce salinity. Funding is available depending on the ditch company’s ability to reduce salinity from their area…

“I will be presenting background information on the program and also how to apply for funding to pipe and/or line irrigation canals and ditches. Up to 100 percent of the project can be federally funded,” Mike Baker explained. “The Bureau of Reclamation is anticipating requesting proposals under a ‘Funding Opportunity Announcement’ (FOA) in 2010. In 2009, we entered into a $5 million contract to fund the Grandview Canal Company (near Crawford) to pipe about 10 miles of their canal and laterals. Additionally, a brief introduction will be given on the Gunnison Basin Selenium Management Program.” For more information, call Mike Baker in the Grand Junction office of the Bureau of Reclamation at 248-0637.

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