Energy policy — coalbed methane: Produced water rules for Colorado update

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From The Durango Herald (Joe Hanel):

State Engineer Dick Wolfe held hearings last week to develop a computer model that will tell him which gas wells need extra attention. The hearings will conclude Dec. 16 with a discussion of wells in the San Juan Basin…

Wolfe hopes to make a decision on the model by the end of the year, in order to get the rules on the books by Feb. 1. Last week’s debate concerned only Colorado’s 5,000 coalbed methane wells, which are more likely to interact with water claimed by senior water rights. A separate rulemaking in January will deal with noncoalbed methane wells, but it’s likely most of those do not affect surface water, Wolfe said. Under the bill the Legislature passed this year, all coalbed methane wells will have to get a permit from Wolfe’s office. But only the wells his model identifies as a problem will have to file substitute water-supply plans to make sure they don’t harm senior water rights.

More coalbed methane coverage here and here.

One thought on “Energy policy — coalbed methane: Produced water rules for Colorado update

  1. It is time for Colorado to evaluate the benefits of Aquifer Recharge Injection with their CBM produced water. In-Bore Aquifer Recharge Injection SAVES all the produced water, puts the water into a specific recharge zone for the landowners future use, and eliminates all surface discharge issues. It is exceptionally environmentaly friendly and it just happens to cost less to impliment. It reduces surface disturbances, elimintes water freezing issues during winter months, cuts down on reclamation costs. Somone has to jump on this idea in Colorado!!! It will satisfy landowners and operators.

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