Save the Poudre joins Waterkeeper Alliance

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Below is a release from Save the Poudre (Gary Wockner):

The battle to Save The Cache la Poudre River of northern Colorado was bolstered this week by two important announcements. First, the Save The Poudre Coalition’s proposal to start a “Poudre Waterkeeper” was accepted by the Waterkeeper Alliance, a growing worldwide alliance of 192 local water preservation organizations founded and directed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The Alliance, based in New York, helps local communities stand up for their right to clean water and for wise and equitable use of water resources.

Second, to help jump-start Save The Poudre’s new status as the “Poudre Waterkeeper,” New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins donated $40,000 to ensure the Save The Poudre’s continued success. New Belgium has an active philanthropy program committed to improving the health of the natural environment and inspiring people to joyously embrace sustainable choices.

“We are proud to have this new Poudre Waterkeeper and its Save The Poudre Coalition join our ranks,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance President. “And we are proud to support the fight to protect and restore the beautiful Cache la Poudre River.”

“The Save the Poudre Coalition is doing excellent work,” said Jenn Orgolini, Sustainability Director of New Belgium Brewing. “We want this Poudre Waterkeeper to grow and thrive as it works to protect this great river that flows through Fort Collins right in front of our brewery.”

“The citizens of northern Colorado are extremely fortunate,” said Gary Wockner of the Save The Poudre Coalition. “The Waterkeeper Alliance is a visionary and effective group, and New Belgium Brewing is a visionary and extremely generous company. The battle to save the Poudre is growing stronger every day.”

Attention is increasingly being focused on the Poudre River by regional, statewide, and national interests, as well as by the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The proposed dams on the Poudre represent the next big phase of dam building in the American Southwest — the Poudre’s outcome may foreshadow the future of many of the Southwest’s rivers.

“The environmental community is taking a hard stand here in Colorado because if we can save the Poudre, we can likely save other Southwest rivers,” said Gary Wockner. “If we lose the Poudre, we could lose them all.”

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