Colorado State University: 2010 Tamarisk Symposium January 12-13

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Here’s the link to the webpage with all the dope on the symposium:

The 2010 Tamarisk Symposium will be held at Two Rivers Convention Center, 159 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO. The committee has finalized the agenda and the schedule is now available. If you would like to be considered, please contact Meredith B. Swett via email

More tamarisk control coverage here and here.

2 thoughts on “Colorado State University: 2010 Tamarisk Symposium January 12-13

  1. I live in La Junta Colorado and they are scraping the edge of the Arkansas River here to rid it of the noxious plant. However they are also ruining the Wildlife Habitat there. Deer, Racoons, Rabbits, Blue Heron, Fox, just to name a few of the Animals and birds that are being displaced. I am wondering if there is not a better way. Please advise. I would appreciate it very much.
    Very Concerned Earth Citizen.

    1. Claudia,

      Yeah, that’s the paradox. So far the most effective methods involve cutting and herbicides. Pretty destructive overall. If it’s any consolation we’re only able to deal with a small area of the infestation. Root for the Tamarisk leaf beetle, the goats and camels.

      John Orr

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