CWCB approves $660,000 loan for Smith Dam repairs

Smith Reservoir

From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

A storm last year damaged Smith Dam, located near Blanca in the Rio Grande Basin. Smith Reservoir is one of two — the other is Mountain Home Reservoir — that serve the Costilla County farming district, and without it, the farmers lost valuable water. The CWCB approved a $660,000 loan to repair the nearly 100-year-old dam. The repairs have already been made, financed in part by a bridge loan from one of the irrigators. CWCB staff deemed the Trinchera District a good risk, since it had repaid two other construction loans in the past. “The construction fund we use has to have money in it in order to make loans for the water community for unanticipated projects like this,” said Travis Smith, CWCB director from the Rio Grande Basin…

The board also approved a $4 million loan for a reservoir company east of Greeley on [January 27]…

[In January], Gimbel said funds from the $60 million loan for the Arkansas Valley Conduit are available if they are needed to match the local share for the $300 million project for the next two years. The conduit received $5 million funding for this year from Congress and another $14 million is being sought for next year.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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