San Miguel River Wild and Scenic designation

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The Bureau of Land Management is looking over a couple of reaches on the river. The last public meeting is on Thursday in Norwood. Here’s a report from Kathrine Warren writing for The Telluride Daily Planet. From the article:

If designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, portions of the rivers would enjoy certain protections tailored to keep them wild, free-flowing, beautiful or recreationally valuable. The BLM has conducted several public meetings over the past two months concerning the river’s suitability for Wild and Scenic status in an attempt to collect public comment for or against the possibility. The last meeting is this Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Norwood Community Center with a presentation from Roy Smith of the BLM.

This meeting will be the final chance for public comment, but for those who can’t attend, comments can be submitted to the BLM by e-mailing UFORMP@BLM.GOV.

More San Miguel River watershed coverage here and here.

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