‘Managing Custer County’s Water’ conference recap

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Here’s an in-depth report from Nora Drenner writing for the The Wet Mountain Tribune. Click through for the article. Here’s an excerpt:

Some 120 persons gathered inside the fellowship hall at Hope Lutheran Church Saturday, Jan. 15, to learn what they could about Colorado water law and how it relates to Custer County. The forum was sponsored by the Custer County Conservation District and local Natural Resource and Conservation Service office.

The forum began with our local District 13 water commissioner Jerry Livengood giving an overview of the county’s water resources and uses. Livengood told the group there are 3,964 wells in the Valley with the permitted uses including domestic, household, municipal, commercial and irrigation uses. He also equated one acre-foot of water to 325,851 gallons, and one cubic foot per second of water to 646,320 gallons per day.

The primary water storage vessel in the Valley, said Livengood, is Lake DeWeese with 2,300 acre feet belonging to the DeWeese Dye Ditch Company, 500 acre-feet each to the Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Division of Wildlife, 350 acre-feet to the Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District, and 100-acre feet to the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments.

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