Energy policy — hydroelectric: Boulder Canyon modernization project designed to generate 500 kW of power

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Here’s a release from Canyon Hydro via PRWeb:

Canyon Hydro, a USA manufacturer of hydroelectric turbine systems, has been selected by the City of Boulder, Colorado to supply the powerhouse water-to-wire package for the 5-megawatt Boulder Canyon Hydro Modernization Project.

Some of the project funding comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, which imposes strict guidelines for the use of goods manufactured in the United States. Canyon Hydro is the only manufacturer of this turbine class that is entirely owned and operated in the USA.

The project involves the replacement of an existing, 100 year-old turbine system with a modern, more efficient system designed by Canyon Hydro. The new Pelton-type turbine will be specifically designed for the unique requirements of the project, including special provisions to accommodate the existing penstock (water pipeline) connections.

Canyon Hydro will manufacture the turbine at its headquarters in Deming, Washington, and at its new CNC facility in nearby Sumas, Washington. Canyon’s newest computer-controlled CNC milling machine is capable of automatically machining all surfaces of the 1.35 meter (53 inches) Pelton runner to extremely tight tolerances, resulting in very high turbine efficiency.

About Canyon Hydro

Canyon Hydro is the waterpower division of Canyon Industries, Inc. The company has been in business for more than 35 years, and manufactures its own Pelton, Francis, and Crossflow-type hydroelectric turbines. Canyon Hydro also provides extensive refurbishment and replacement services, as well as on-site machining.

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