Blue River Watershed Assessment update

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From the Summit Daily News (Janice Kurbjun):

The Blue River Wildfire and Watershed Assessment, the latest of which was presented by JW Associates environmental consultant Brad Piehl on Tuesday in the County Commons building, is one of many tools used by the U.S. Forest Service and by Colorado water officials as they prioritize work to be done to protect water sources…

“Each water system has different threats,” said John Duggan, a state source water assessment and protection coordinator, adding that in Summit County, wildfire and emergency response to hazardous-waste spills and other problems are significant pieces to consider. “Our source water protection plan is a holistic, broader approach,” he said, explaining that the Blue River assessment is among a quiver of information to use as they approach issues surrounding water protection. “Wildfire is a piece of it. A significant piece.”[…]

Some of Summit County’s high-priority areas for wildfire and watersheds include inflows to Dillon Reservoir, Old Dillon Reservoir, areas in and around Frisco, Tenmile Creek, Keystone Gulch, and the Snake River. Some of these areas already have projects in place or planned, such as areas targeted by the Forest Service that overlap with the assessment’s high-priority areas. The Forest Service plans to transition from hazard tree removal to watershed protection this year.

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