Water treatment: Montezuma Water Company is adding chloramines for secondary disinfection

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From The Cortez Journal (Reid Wright):

Concerns have been raised by local residents after Montezuma Water Co. began adding chemical compounds known as chloramines to the treatment process of drinking water for much of rural Montezuma County.

Company Manager Mike Bauer said the issue was discussed at meetings for three years before chloramines were added to the process in December 2010. He said the decision to add chloramines was in anticipation of Environmental Protection Agency and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regulations aimed at clamping down on the levels of disinfection byproducts created by the existing chlorine treatment. “The biggest reason we’re adding chloramines is to meet the new standards that actually have to be in place by 2013,” Bauer said, adding chloramines have been proven to reduce the levels of the byproducts of chlorine treatment…

Bauer said chloramines were also chosen because of their uses as a secondary disinfectant. While chlorine is a more potent disinfectant, it has a tendency to dissipate over time. Chloramines, essentially a combination of ammonia and chlorine, last longer and is more effective as a secondary disinfectant in the water as it travels through Montezuma Water’s network of more than 1,000 miles of pipe, he said. “If we use chloramines, it doesn’t dissipate as fast and it gets out to the far reaches of our system,” Bauer said. “That’s why large rural systems are going to chloramines.” For this reason, Montezuma Water has utilized chloramines in its long lines to Dove Creek since 2004.

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