Erie: New wastewater reclamation facility due to go online on April 1

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From the Boulder Daily Camera (John Aguilar):

The town’s new North Water Reclamation Facility, a $22 million state-of-the-art sewage plant located on the northern outskirts of Erie, will go full capacity April 1. The 85-acre complex off of Colo. 52 — equipped with high-speed turbo blowers, the latest in filtration systems and a 1,000-acre-foot reservoir — will churn through 1.5 million gallons of water a day and produce biosolids safe for use in gardens and farmers’ fields.

Jon Mays, Erie’s water and wastewater operations manager, said the town’s decision to treat its residual solids until they resemble potting soil is unusual. “There are very few plants that go to Class A biosolids,” he said Monday. “We’ll use it on our parks and our open areas.”[…]

Mays pointed out thousands of plastic pieces bobbing in the holding tanks. He said the little discs allow bacteria more surface area on which to perform their decomposing duties. At the end of the line is a screw press, a massive cylindrical machine in which waste is heated, dried out and dropped into a pile for composting.

Left over at the end of the process is water — squeezed through microfilters and past ultraviolet banks of light to remove any remaining pathogens — that can be returned to the system it once came from. “And what goes to Boulder Creek will be cleaner than what is already in Boulder Creek,” Mays said.

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