Penley Reservoir project update

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From The Denver Post (Bruce Finley):

On Tuesday, Penley Water Co. [Chris Fellows] called the reservoir essential for weaning Front Range suburbs from wells, which produce less and less water as underground aquifers are depleted. The proposed $105 million reservoir would inundate about 306 acres west of Sedalia and hold up to 22,500 acre-feet of water. That’s slightly larger than Denver Water’s Marston reservoir.

It would be the second major new reservoir in the Denver area for which little or no water has been acquired. Parker Water & Sanitation District is building the $230 million Rueter-Hess reservoir to store up to 72,000 acre-feet of water…

Building before buying water reflects a need for storage capacity, said Ralf Topper, senior hydrologist for the Colorado Geological Survey. “The available water storage systems on streams and rivers are few and far between, because all the water rights have been previously allocated. So one of the options is to create these off-channel reservoirs,” Topper said. “The challenge is to get water to them.”[…]

State records show 18 pipeline companies have been formed to move water in and out of Penley reservoir. These would connect Penley to Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and other Front Range locations.

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