Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority deals are the subject of a Denver Post investigation

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From The Denver Post (Karen Crummy):

[United Water], together with another district — the East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District — offered what he called a “turnkey deal.” “The project at the end of the day was able to give us a delivered product at a guaranteed price through infrastructure that was already in place and constructed,” he said, pointing to a critical waterline already built by ECCV.

The authority, which serves about 25,000 customers, has paid or put into escrow $41.6 million for using the waterline but also to build more infrastructure, including a reservoir, a pipeline and a treatment plant. It’s also paid out $65 million for agricultural water rights so far — a price typically paid for water already adjudicated for municipal use — despite the fact that the change-of-use case will take several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate. And in December, the board amended its budget to pay for “higher than anticipated expenditures for water acquisition” and “unforeseen expenses” associated with the project, according to board minutes.

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