Rifle: Free irrigation system audits and rebates available starting April 1

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From The Rifle Citizen Telegram (John Gardner):

The Rebates and Audits for Irrigation Networks (RAIN) program will offer local homeowners with residential sprinkler systems a free audit that will provide recommendations for upgrades and improvements to make their system more efficient. The audits will look at water use and the overall size of the system in an effort to implement the city’s water conservation plan.[…]

The program will require qualified homeowners to fill out an application, which will be available at the city’s website, www.rifleco.org, starting April 1. Qualified applicants will then receive an irrigation system audit that will include recommendations for upgrades that will make the systems more efficient of water use. Program participants may be eligible to receive 50 percent, up to $100 to implement the audit recommended improvements, and an additional $100 rebate toward the purchase of a new irrigation system controller, or $200 toward a weather-based controller.

More conservation coverage here.

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