Energy policy — nuclear: The Pueblo chapter of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union says thumbs down to proposed power plant in Pueblo County

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From The Ag Journal (Candi Hill):

Vincent Potestio, president of the Pueblo group, said the group is encouraging people throughout the Lower Arkansas Valley to call their county commissioners to oppose the power plant on this property. “RMFU is not against nuclear energy, we’re against the nuclear energy on the proposed site,” Potestio said. They are supportive of solar or wind power on the 75,000 acres, but not supportive of nuclear. Potestio said RMFU is concerned that if something happened to the plant, it would wipe out this entire area. “If this thing throws a cast iron fit like it did in Japan … everyone in this valley will lose their property, their livestock and maybe even their lives,” he said. “I know this will create a lot of jobs, but is it worth the chance of losing everything we have for the jobs?”

Potestio said if the Pueblo County Commissioners approve of the nuclear plant (they will vote April 25), “I hope, for God’s sake, that they make the company be bonded for whatever this valley is worth.”

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