Energy policy — natural gas electrical generation: Black Hills Energy’s new power plant to get water from the Pueblo Board of Water Works

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The company signed a 40-year contract with the Pueblo Board of Water Works last year that would provide enough water for up to seven units at the new plant, located northwest of Pueblo Memorial Airport, said Terry Book, deputy executive director for the water board. The contract is structured so that Black Hills pays for the water it expects to use each year at current rates for treated water. It also pays a fee for readiness to serve on the balance of water up to 2,500 acre-feet…

The new plant is scheduled to come on line by the end of this year, when a lease to purchase electricity from Xcel’s Comanche plant expires. “Black Hills is able to take water now, and will be able to make basic runs by the end of the year,” Book said. Under the contract, Black Hills is expected to pay up to $1 million annually to the Pueblo water board for delivery of water.

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