Green Mountain Reservoir operations update: Reclamation to ramp up releases to 500 cfs by Friday

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

We’ve recently received the April 1 forecast and April is looking to have a little higher run-off than what the March 1 forecast showed. As a result both we and Denver Water will be upping releases over the next few days to balance reservoir storage with anticipated inflow. At Green Mountain Reservoir, we’ll be ramping up in increments of 50 cfs over the next four days, starting…April 5…

That means by Friday afternoon, releases from Green Mountain to the Lower Blue will be 500 cfs. I anticipate that level will stay through this coming weekend, but keep an eye on the gage, just to be sure. With these releases in anticipation of run-off, we’ve been maintaining a surface water elevation of about 7895 in Green Mountain Reservoir. That’s approximately 55 feet down from full–a difference in water level elevation we’re fairly certain to make up during run off.

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