Energy policy — oil and gas: debuts today

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From (Cecile Juliette):

Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis has been in the oil and gas business for 20 years. He’s also a chemical engineer. Commissioner Meis says that this website may not be very helpful to citizens who aren’t familiar with the fracking process. He says, “the chemical names are going to be relatively unknown to most people.” But he adds that the website will at least offer disclosure in case people are interested in doing the research into the fracking process.

Tara Meixell is author of “Collateral Damage,” a book about the oil and gas industry. She’s also working with MIT on the “The Extr ACT Project.” It’s a Wikepedia-based project for public-information sharing on gas and oil development impacts and resource issues. It also includes input from citizens in affected areas. Meixsell also served as consultant on the movie “Gaslands,” a film about the impact of natural gas extraction. She says the new website is, “a good first step in providing the public information on hydraulic fracturing chemicals and processes. However, voluntary participation can’t and won’t take the place of state and federal regulations.”

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