Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District annual spring water users meeting recap: Expansion of Halligan and Seaman reservoirs still ongoing

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From The Greeley Tribune (Bill Jackson):

Nancy Koch, a water acquisition specialist with Greeley, and Cliff Hoelscher, project manager for Fort Collins, gave updates at Thursday’s spring water users meeting of Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District of where each are with expansion plans of Greeley’s Milton Seaman Reservoir and Halligan Reservoir, which Fort Collins owns and operates in conjunction with the North Poudre Irrigation Co…

Greeley has owned Seaman Reservoir since 1943. It is just north of the Poudre River and holds 5,000 acre feet of water. Greeley’s plan is to expand that to 53,000 acre feet, which Koch said will help the city maintain use of existing water and help meet future demands. It is the city’s intent, she said, to have that expansion completed by 2030.

Halligan Reservoir will expand from its present 6,400 acre feet of storage to 22,500 acre feet. It was originally owned and operated by the North Poudre Irrigation Co., but that company and Fort Collins reached an agreement in 2003 that gave the city ownership and joint operational duties with the irrigation company. It is north of Seaman Reservoir. Its expansion is proposed to be completed by 2016.

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