South Platte River basin: Greeley city council green-lights easement acquisition for pipeline route in LaPorte

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From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Kevin Duggan):

Last week, the Greeley City Council gave its water department permission to pursue construction and access easements for the pipeline along a disputed route from Shields Street west to the city’s water treatment plant in Bellvue. The council previously had given authorization for easements and the use of eminent domain, if necessary, to acquire them. But city officials wanted to revisit the issue given changes in plans for installing the pipeline and requirements for easements, said Jon Monson, water and sewer director for Greeley. The go-ahead from the council means Greeley officials soon will send offers to affected property owners and begin negotiations on temporary and permanent easements, he said.

But some property owners along the route and local residents say they will continue to fight the project, which they say would be overly disruptive to the land. “I’m not sure what we will do,” said Rose Brinks, whose property sits west of Overland Trail and south of the river. “We’re getting people from Bellvue involved and hopefully bringing some new energy to this over concerns about the environment and the impact this would have on wildlife habitat.”

The route around LaPorte is known as the Northern Segment of a 30-mile project that would carry water from the Bellvue plant to Greeley.

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