Colorado-Big Thompson Project update: 450cfs in the Colorado River below Granby Reservoir

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

You probably noticed changes in releases from Granby Dam to the Colorado River today, April 29. Northern Water adjusted the releases from the dam so that about 450 cfs is now flowing into the Colorado River.

We are continuing to balance inflow with storage as we adjust our forecasting in anticipation of this year’s spring run-off season. With that in mind, Willow Creek Reservoir has been drained to make room for coming snow melt run-off.

We will be in Granby on Wednesday, May 4 for the River District’s annual State of the River meeting to share our spring run off forecast information.

Meanwhile, both we and Northern Water continue to keep information available and accessible on-line. Follow Northern’s blog at Reclamation has snow pack and reservoir storage information as well as a general update at

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