Energy policy — nuclear: Cotter receives CDPHE permission to use impoundment pond at the Lincoln Park/Cotter Mill superfund site

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From the Cañon City Daily Record (Rachel Alexander):

“Everything you want to throw away is required by the Atomic Energy Control Act to go into the impoundments,” Cotter’s vice president of milling John Hamrick said. Hamrick said CDPHE has approved a method of solidifying the material using an oil-dry product that “looks like kitty litter”. He said the company put the solidified material into water to prove it would not dissolve…

[Steve Tarlton, radiation control project manager for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment] said the company is “de-watering” the impoundment, and eventually, there will be no water to leak if one exists. “Then, it will be capped so no liquid can get in,” Tarlton said. He also said the leaking materials are not leaving the site. There is a series of groundwater dams and barriers that stop groundwater from leaving the facility, and any water that reaches them is pumped back into ponds to be evaporated. Cotter estimates the old mill buildings will be completing down and disposed of in the inpoundment by fall.

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