Republican River basin: Stan Murphy retires from the Republican River Water Conservancy District, Debra Daniel will take over

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From The Yuma Pioneer (Tony Rayl):

Debra Daniel, from Burlington, was recently hired from a field of 43 applicants to replace Stan Murphy as the General Manager for the Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD)…

Daniel has an agricultural background which includes four years as the executive administrator of the Irrigation Research Foundation in Yuma, and five years as the district manager for the Plains and East Cheyenne Ground Water Management Districts in Kit Carson and Cheyenne counties.

From The Holyoke Enterprise:

During his [6.5 years] with the district, Murphy and his staff implemented various federal well retirement programs to convert irrigated land to dryland and permanently retire the wells to assist the State of Colorado to get into compliance. More than 30,000 irrigated acres have been enrolled in these programs to reduce consumptive use and increase stream flow for future compact benefit.

Another project that Murphy has worked on is the $71 million Compact Compliance Pipeline to deliver ground water from a network of wells northeast of Wray to the North Fork tributary of the Republican River near the Colorado/Nebraska state line to help satisfy compact requirements. A general contractor for that pipeline project will be designated at the RRWCD Board meeting on July 14 in Holyoke, with plans to deliver water from that pipeline in fall 2012.

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