San Luis Valley: Baca Grande residents voice concern over SeaQuest corrosion inhibitor dosing in their water supply


From the Center Post Dispatch (Teresa L. Benns):

For decades, Scott Johnson and Steve McDowell ran the BGW&S and there were no problems, Karlstrom points out. But for nearly three years, the water district has been run by SDMS, a for-profit management team and its engineering firm sub-contractor in Denver. Many Baca residents now perceive there has been a significant erosion of local control and influence over their water district and water quality…

“Current dosing of ortho-polyphosphate into the Baca water is about 1.68 ppm. (Mark Bluestein measured 0.42 ppm at my tap in June 23, 2011. However, SeaQuest representatives note that readings of orthophosphate must be multiplied by a factor of 4 because the ratio of orthophosphate to polyphosphate in their blend is about 1:3).

“Ortho-polyphosphate is also used as a blood coagulant for hemophiliacs and trauma victims, in the fish farm industry, and in liquid fertilizer for plants. However, its health effects are unknown and indeed, could prove to be much worse than ingestion of copper and lead, the elements that SeaQuest is supposed to protect against.

“SeaQuest, by contrast, is secret, proprietary blend of orthophosphate and polyphosphate in approximately a 1 to 4 ratio, and is a man-made product. SeaQuest is an ortho-polyphosphate (OPP) that was originally designed to reduce the problem of corrosion inside boilers on Navy vessels. It is marketed as a corrosion inhibitor.

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