Trout Unlimited plans a documentary highlighting the Dolores River watershed


From the Cortez Journal (Kimberly Benedict):

“We are really working to highlight the Dolores River basin and the hunting, angling and local culture that is tied so closely to this river,” said Matt Clark, SCP’s backcountry coordinator for the southwest corner of the San Juan Mountains and the river basin. “We want to bring attention to why people think this is such a great resource.”

Planning efforts in the area have already begun to address issues like roadless areas, conservation easements and water quality. Clark emphasized that conservation incorporates many uses and despite Trout Unlimited’s association with fishing, the Dolores River basin campaign is larger than just the quest of hooking a highcountry fish. “We are laying the foundation for whole watershed protection,” Clark said. “It is about the fish and the watershed around them. This is a very intentional campaign and every arm of TU has some involvement in the Dolores.”[…]

[Kris Millgate, an award-winning freelance videographer and outdoor journalist and CEO of Tight Line Media] role…was to document the day and to interview local anglers like Perry for a 10 to 15 minute Trout Unlimited-sponsored documentary highlighting the Dolores River basin. While local organizers have set a vision for the documentary, it is up to Millgate to cull the pertinent information and create a finished product that conveys the emotion behind the basin campaign…

“The Dolores is still really wild,” Clark said. “This is not a degraded watershed and there is not a huge amount of impact. We want to be sure we get ahead of any negative impacts and make sure the values and experience that exist now for hunters and anglers and all users remain into the future.”

Toward that end, TU is keeping an eye on local land management issues and working to complete the documentary as well as the collaboration with Field and Stream. Millgate visited the area last winter and will come again this fall to finalize her footage.

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