Opinion: State Representative J. Paul Brown wants to see more storage particularly on the eastern plains


From The Durango Herald (J. Paul Brown):

Last year, 600,000 acre-feet of Colorado water flowed through the Eastern Plains to Nebraska, water that if stored in Colorado would satisfy that demand. This year, it is estimated that 1 million acre-feet of our water will go to eastern states downstream.

It is imperative that we build water-storage projects in Colorado, especially on the Front Range. I’m convinced that with adequate water storage, places east of the Continental Divide won’t need Western Slope water.

We can all agree that we like to eat, and it is kind of nice to spend less than 10 percent of our income on food. It is truly an honor to be one of a handful of Colorado legislators who are agricultural producers. Agriculture is the second-largest sector of Colorado’s diverse economy with cash receipts of more than $6.3 billion and providing more than 105,000 jobs.

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