Energy policy — nuclear: Cotter, Corp. wants to stop testing leaky and toxic impoundment pond


From the Associated Press via The Colorado Springs Gazette:

Cotter is in the process of dismantling its shuttered uranium mill, located south of the Arkansas River near Cañon City.

A makeshift row of wooden pallets leading into the viscous impoundment has sunk into muck, and “it is now unsafe to measure the pH of the pool,” Cotter’s environment coordinator, Jim Cain, said in a July 25 letter to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Cotter, a subsidiary of San Diego-based defense contractor General Atomics, also notified department regulators that the company will pursue a lower-cost, passive approach to investigating a recently discovered plume of the industrial solvent trichloroethene. According to Cotter documents, TCE was detected in groundwater at levels exceeding federal health limits and has spread to at least one off-site well.

Public health department officials on Wednesday still were considering Cotter’s request to suspend testing, “but it seems like a reasonable request,” department radiation control unit manager Steve Tarlton said. He also said Cotter’s proposed passive approach to investigating TCE contamination is “a good approach,” although future testing and remediation may be necessary.

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