Republican River basin: The Yuma County Commissioners unanimously approve the Republican River Water Conservation District’s land use request for proposed compliance pipeline


From The Yuma Pioneer (Tony Rayl):

The Yuma County Commissioners unanimously approved the RRWCD’s land use request to construct and operate the 12-mile pipeline system. The approval came last Friday, July 29, following a public hearing held during the commissioners’ regular meeting. Commissioners Dean Wingfield, Robin Wiley and Trent Bushner also approved a request for an exemption from subdivision in relation to the outflow structure and control building at the delivery point into the North Fork of the Republican River…

Responding to a question regarding degradation of the groundwater level, RRWCD Board President Dennis Coryell explained that the wells purchased to provide water to the pipeline will be limited to the 10-year average historical consumptive use. He said the district also has a stipulation with the Sandhills Ground Water Management District, which must approve the exporting of the water, that not more than 2,000 acre feet will be pumped from any one well in a year. Coryell further explained that an agreement between Colorado and Nebraska calls for an annual minimum of 4,000 acre feet sent through the pipeline to the North Fork. He stressed that Colorado will send only what is needed up and above that minimum to meet compliance in a certain year with the Republican River Compact — which includes Kansas, along with Colorado and Nebraska…

Pumping will take place during the irrigation offseason. Coryell said some will be sent in November, and then whatever is still needed to put Colorado into compliance will be sent downstream sometime between January through March.

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