Conservation: Massive New Coalition Stands up for Resource Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, Historic Preservation


Here’s the announcement from the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership:

Sportsmen aren’t alone in advocating for strongly funded conservation programs in America. The TRCP is helping to lead an unprecedented coalition representing tens of millions of citizens with diverse political backgrounds and areas of interet to call for federal investments in natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation and historic preservation programs.

The coalition, America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation, is made up of more than 600 organizations. The coalition recently sent a letter to the leadership in the House and Senate acknowledging the tremendous fiscal challenges facing the country and reminding members of Congress about the economic importance of natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation and historic preservation programs. The groups offered assistance in quantifying the economic benefits of these programs as a means to inform budgetary decision-making.

“Investments in natural resource conservation, historic preservation and outdoor recreation comprise roughly 1 percent of the federal budget yet provide a return on investment that far exceeds the cost to the taxpayer. Just ask anyone who has ever enjoyed our great American wilderness, or benefited from the clean air and water those lands provide, or the local economies they support,” said Bill Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society, a member of the coalition.

“Historic preservation programs fuel jobs and produce strong returns on public investments that impact primarily rural communities and cannot be exported to foreign countries. We are committed to working closely with Congress to identify savings while also supporting the programs that most effectively achieve these results,” said John Nau, chairman emeritus of the Civil War Trust, a member of the coalition.

This diverse coalition is urging Congress to look at conservation programs as critical investments that can help America grow its way out of our financial challenges.

“Over the years, federal conservation programs have helped leverage billions of dollars of non-federal money to conserve millions of acres of critical habitat, thus helping to preserve America’s rich hunting and fishing traditions,” said Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the TRCP, one of the many sporting groups that is helping to lead the coalition.

Read the coalition’s letter.

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