The Arkansas Basin roundtable approves the Flaming Gorge task force, some members skeptical of project


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Several members of the roundtable said they are against the project or skeptical that it will ever be built, but agreed the group needs to have input in case it develops…

The grant application, submitted by roundtable chairman Gary Barber on behalf of the Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority that he manages, does not propose supporting either proposal for a Flaming Gorge pipeline, but would identify impacts and concerns…

“This is not a good project for Colorado,” said Tom Young, a Fremont County rancher. He said a project from the Missouri River basin, just 50 miles further away in South Dakota, would truly bring more water into the state and not jeopardize Colorado’s entitlement under the Colorado River Compact…

[Alan Hamel, who now represents the basin on the CWCB] said there is still some water available to be developed under the 1922 Colorado River Compact. “It might not be available every year, but that’s the type of thing Colorado needs to look at,” Hamel said. “This is a public process, with all participants at the table.”

More Flaming Gorge task force coverage here.

2 thoughts on “The Arkansas Basin roundtable approves the Flaming Gorge task force, some members skeptical of project

  1. Do you have any information on what this potential project is from the Missouri River Basin? I hadn’t heard of that option before, and couldn’t find anything on it. Is there anyone championing it?

    1. I don’t have any specific information. It may have come from the Corps of Engineers draft EIS work for the Flaming Gorge Pipeline. A pipeline from the Missouri River was one of the alternatives that the Corps was looking at. Here’s the link:

      Pat Mulroy (Southern Nevada Water Authority) recently championed a pipeline from the Missouri or Mississippi. Here’s the link to the Coyote Gulch category for the pipeline from the Mississippi:

      Here are some links from the Coyote Gulch archives, some of which mention the Mississippi pipeline.

      Good luck and if you find anything concrete please let me know.

      John Orr

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