Arkansas River Basin: How should the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District divvy up Fryingpan-Arkansas Project revenue?


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District last October proposed paying off the South Outlet Works first, the Fountain Valley Conduit second and Ruedi last until the Arkansas Valley Conduit is built. The bill itself does not indicate priorities among the projects prior to completion of the new conduit.

Reclamation suggests other alternatives, including paying the majority of the funds from Ruedi, paying equal shares to all three or adjusting payments to the total amount currently owned. It has not chosen an alternative.

“Our expectations are that the East Slope facilities and obligations will be paid off first, with consideration for Ruedi in the future,” Alan Hamel, executive director of the Pueblo Board of Water Works, told Reclamation officials at a meeting to discuss the law Wednesday. “It starts to appear that there will be additional mitigation for the West Slope.”

“The alternatives are bookends,” replied Michael Collins, area manager for Reclamation. “We’re trying to look at what the debt stream would be under different assumptions.”

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