Orchard City: Area water systems seeking to join with the town have until February 1 to meet new system requirements


From the Delta County Independendent:

On Aug. 3, a filled-to-capacity meeting room at Town Hall brought to-gether for the first time the full town board, town administration, and representatives of some 40 private domestic water companies who buy their water from the town. The water powwow gave companies a chance for direct question and answer feedback from Orchard City government over its new suite of requirements…

The new Feb. 1 deadline, almost six months away, may still be too soon for some of the companies to complete the town’s new technical and legal requirements. Those requirements include mandatory installation of a backflow preventer on each private system. Mayor Don Suppes explained the rule is a state/federal requirement to prevent contamination of the town water supplies…

…Orchard City’s new legal requirements are another problem, Chinn said. Those requirements can include that the companies have written bylaws, be organized under state law, make recorded easements or provide legal access for town employees to their water systems, and provide the town with documentation for all of it. [Jim Chinn of the Northeast Thornton Pipeline Company] explained, “Five of our eight members are fruit farmers. We can’t even get a meeting of everyone together until Oct. 20,” thus making the town’s Feb. 1 deadline a hard push for them.

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