Flaming Gorge pipeline: Will the trout fishery below Flaming Gorge Dam be affected by the proposed project?


From The Denver Post (Scott Willoughby):

In the grand scheme of progress and water projects, it’s difficult to know the full impact of Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million’s Flaming Gorge Pipeline proposal. But at face value, the 580-mile long pipeline he envisions transporting 250,000 acre feet of water a year between Flaming Gorge and Pueblo seems overly ambitious at best and, some say, an unnecessary evil at worst.

Million claims the water is there and Colorado needs it. Critics say the price is too high and that such diversions would degrade water quality, destroy important habitat for both endangered and sport fish and potentially interfere with water rights downstream. Multiple Wyoming and Utah counties insist such use of upper Colorado Basin water resources simply cannot be sustained.

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