Energy policy — nuclear: Colorado Department of Local Affairs executive director sees econmic opportunity in proposed Piñon Ridge Mill


From The Telluride Daily Planet (Matthew Beaudin/John Lopez):

“The potential of the Piñon Ridge mill is a regional issue. Depending on where you stand and who you are, it is either the best opportunity for economic development in half a century or an environmental disaster,” [Reeves Brown] said. “I think the reality is, done right, it can be a huge boost for not only the regional economy, but for the economy statewide. There are potential environmental hazards and … the rules of the game and how they are applied are much different than five years ago, much less 50 years ago. I think there is huge opportunity there to develop that resource in a responsible manner.”

Brown, a familiar name on the Western Slope, was in Telluride and spoke to media on Wednesday morning. He was named to the DOLA post by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper when he took office in January. Brown had served as the executive director of Club 20, an organization representing Colorado’s 22 western counties, prior to moving to DOLA.

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