Energy policy — hydroelectric: U.S. Representative Scott Tipton wants the federal government to get out of the way with respect to generation projects


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“We have to get Americans back to work and adopt an all of the above energy policy,” Tipton, a Republican who represents the Third Congressional District, told the Colorado Water Congress on Wednesday. “Proven, clean hydroelectric power provides 75 percent of the renewable energy for this country.”

Tipton did not specify projects, but instead said federal regulations on wild and scenic rivers should be replaced by state evaluations, and suggested that wilderness designations should stop at the water’s edge.

More coverage from Allen Best writing for the Colorado Independent. From the article:

To get America back to work, Tipton said, it needs an all-of-the-above energy approach. And one of those energies should come from hydropower, which is carbon free. But to achieve that, he said, government regulations should be stripped.

One of his proposals is something he calls a regulatory impact statement. Regulations, he said, are inhibiting job growth and by requiring an impact statement for each new federal regulation, people would at least know the likely effect of a regulation before it is implemented.

More hydroelectric coverage here.

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