Loveland budget calls for 6% increase in water rates


From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Tom Hacker):

Loveland councilors during a City Hall study session got their first look at next year’s budget proposal, one that also includes pay raises for city employees. A 6 percent increase in monthly water charges, plus a 5.6 percent rise in electricity costs that reflects increases that Platte River Power Authority plans, would add a little over $4 to the city’s average monthly residential utility bill. The utility increases are components of a strategy to stave off a projected $3 million to $3.5 million deficit in 2013 and beyond, a plan that Loveland’s money managers say will keep the city on track for a decade of balanced budgets…

With the water and power increases, the average monthly residential bill would rise from $123.65 to $127.96. Fees for trash and recycling collection, wastewater and storm drainage would remain unchanged.

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