The Bureau of Reclamation is evaluating alternatives for the Arkansas Valley Conduit, the draft EIS should be out in 2012


Here’s the link to Reclamation’s newsletter update about the conduit, from Kara Lamb. The Arkansas Valley Conduit — which would be a supply source for communities east of Pueblo — was originally part of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project but has not been built yet. The newsletter contains 7 possible alignments which will be evaluated in the environmental impact statement due out next year. Click on the thumbnail graphic to the right for the contact information and a flow chart of the conduit EIS process.

More coverage from Chris Woodka writing for The Pueblo Chieftain. From the article:

The conduit will reach to Lamar, 130 miles from Pueblo, with spurs at Colorado 96 to serve Crowley County, and at Lamar to serve Eads. Water would be filtered but not disinfected for most users. Unfiltered water only would be delivered to the St. Charles Mesa Water Association.

A feature of most of the alternatives is an interconnect on Pueblo Dam between the North Outlet Works, now being constructed as part of Southern Delivery System, and the South Outlet Works, which serves the Pueblo Board of Water Works, Pueblo West, Fountain Valley Conduit and the future Arkansas Valley Conduit. The interconnect is seen as a way to deliver water to either the north or south side of the river in the event of emergency outages.

The conduit would create storage tanks at Fowler and La Junta, and would require pumping stations near the St. Charles Mesa treatment plant and at Lamar for the Eads extension. Otherwise, water would flow by gravity from Pueblo Dam.

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