The USGS is gearing up for a $500,000 Fountain Creek flood control dam study


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The $500,000 study will look at up to 14 scenarios and develop a draft report by late 2012. A final report won’t be done until September 2013, said David Mau, head of the Pueblo USGS office. The study is funded in part by $300,000 from Colorado Springs as payment under Pueblo County 1041 conditions for Southern Delivery System. When SDS goes on line in 2016, the Fountain Creek district will receive the balance of $50 million in payments over a five-year period. Some of that money could go toward dams…

The technical committee will work with the USGS to identify where dams might be placed, and which type of flood events should be studied. The USGS also will attempt to predict how much erosion occurs and sediment is deposited in certain types of storms. The scenarios will be identified in February or March, after the USGS finishes calibrating existing data…

“We have a lot of information for smaller storm events, but where are you going to get information for the big storms?” asked Dennis Maroney, who represents Pueblo on the committee. Large floods in 1999 and 1965 may have provided enough data to make reasonable assumptions of the impact, said Karl Winters, a hydrologist from Austin, Texas, who specializes in stream hydrology.

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