The CWCB and IBCC plan study to assess the the risks inherent in developing, or not, more Colorado River basin water


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“At times, there will be water available for storage, but the question is when and how,” said Mark Pifher, director of Aurora Water. “Otherwise, the burden will fall on irrigated agriculture.” Pifher is a member of the Interbasin Compact Committee, which met Monday to discuss how a study of risks for future water supply should be structured.

The IBCC agreed to work with the Colorado Water Conservation Board to develop the study. The CWCB in November voted to include $2 million in next year’s water projects bill request from the Legislature to do the study and get started on the second phase of the Colorado River Availability Study. The first phase was disappointing to nearly everyone because it identified a range of zero to 1 million acre-feet available for Colorado to develop. The second phase would identify strategies for going forward…

“I’m just a cowboy irrigator,” said Bill Trampe, who represents the Gunnison River basin. “But I expect that we will come up with a process whereby we continue to develop Colorado River water, but use caution so we don’t fall off the cliff.”

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