Ben Noreen to Colorado Springs residents (and the Front Range), ‘Your faucet depends on a dwindling resource’


Ben Noreen was at the State of the Rockies speakers series presentation Monday night and penned this wakeup call for Colorado Springs residents, running in The Colorado Springs Gazette. From the column:

In Colorado Springs there is a tendency to think the [Colorado River] is far away, even though 70 to 80 percent of the water city residents use comes from the Colorado River Basin…the inescapable conclusion is that the city must promote conservation while developing other sources of supply. The same is true for the Denver metro area, where some customers depend on Colorado River water while others pump from groundwater supplies that eventually will be gone…

Whether you believe, as reputable scientists do, in global warming, there is no debate about some hard facts: Major reservoirs on the Colorado, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, have been drying up for decades and there is little chance they’ll ever be full again…

“The system is being run very close to the edge already,” said Jeff Lukas of Western Water Assessment, an organization that has focused on the Colorado. “What lies ahead for the Colorado River? Lower average flow is likely.”

I was at the presentation Monday as well and covered it live on my Twitter feed, @coyotegulch.

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