2012 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention: ‘The Year of Water Celebration, Our Stories, Our Work, Our Vision,’ January 25 to 27


From email from the Colorado Water Congress (Doug Kemper):

The 54th Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention will be a celebration of the anniversaries of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), Colorado River Water Conservation District, Northern Water, President Kennedy signing the Fryingpan-Arkansas legislation, the creation of the Parker Water and Sanitation District, and the construction of Rio Grande Reservoir.

Governor Hickenlooper will be declaring 2012 “The Year of Water”. Our Annual Convention will be the kick-off of a series of educational and public involvement events that will occur throughout next year in a program sponsored by many of our members called Water2012. Additional information on these activities may be found at http://www.water2012.org/

In a break with recent tradition, there will be no concurrent sessions during the main convention. Technical presentations will be at a minimum as we focus on learning about our common history, celebrating the work that we do, and preparing for the future. Several noted historians and authors will be making presentations throughout the convention.

We will have our usual breakfasts on Thursday and Friday mornings. On Thursday, our Legislative Breakfast, hosted by the Water Congress State Affairs Committee, will feature legislators discussing the 2012 legislative session – predicted by many insiders to be very contentious. On Friday, our Federal Affairs Committee will host a presentation by the Assistant Secretary of Water and Science, Anne Castle.

We encourage everyone to plan to attend the workshops on Wednesday. On this day only, we will have an interactive educational experience that is unlike anything you may have experienced before – The Geodome. To get a concept of what this experience is all about, click on the following link: http://geodome.info/. Our new Professionals Outreach, Networking, and Development (POND) Committee will be hosting a special networking event in the late afternoon that we hope you will make a point of attending.

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