The Fairplay Water and Sanitation board bumps rates


From The Fairplay Flume (V. Christian Kingsford):

The sanitation district’s attorney, Robert Tibbals, explained the legal and financial requirements and obligations of setting a rate hike for the district to $76.67 a month per EQR (equivalent residential unit) from the old rate of $62.48 per month…

[Dale Fitting, board secretary and treasurer] added: “A lot of our expenditures are the bond and the loan [for the new wastewater treatment plant]; we can’t get out from under that. As with many loans, we were paying interest only on the loan at first; now we’re paying interest and principle. The growth spurt that was anticipated when the system was installed didn’t happen, so now the established residences are carrying the load.”[…]

“Budgets are hard to figure, and we’ve reduced some expenditures and would like to reduce others such as the attorney’s fees, but we can’t. The preventive maintenance of cleaning and jetting the lines along with sludge removal is a big expense, but it’s needed,” he added. “Then there’s payroll taxes, social security and medicare for our employee.”

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