USGS: Nutrients pollution

John Hamrick (Cotter Corp) to Florence City Council ‘We do take our environmental responsibilities pretty seriously’


From the Cañon City Daily Record (Charlotte Burrous):

“We’ve made a lot of progress on the environmental cleanup that we’re doing out there,” he said. “We still have a ways to go. We do take our environmental responsibilities pretty seriously.

One of the things Cotter has provided is a hook up to the Cañon City water system to anyone in Lincoln Park, who was qualified and had a well out here, he said.

“The historic operation did release radioactive materials and other metals into the environment,” Hamrick said. “The ground water in Lincoln Park does not meet standards yet, but we do meet standards for release of contaminated materials.”

“One of the things that’s been suggested is off-site disposal of the tailings or otherwise picking up all the tailings and material and taking it elsewhere,” Hamrick said. “Right now, we’ve got more than 90 percent of our contaminants already stabilized. Excavating those materials, whether by truck or by train results in exposure to workers, the environment and the public. That doesn’t have to happen under the plans. Cotter owes the state another look at what off-site disposal would mean. We will be submitting that to the Department of Health for their review and approval. All told, we have about 10 million cubic yards or 15 million tons that will be contained in the impoundments.”

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EPA to host free webinar on on public health and environmental issues related to septic systems on Thursday


From the EPA via Twitter:

We’re hosting a free webinar on Thursday, 1 to 3:30 pm ET, on public health & enviro issues related to septic systems.

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Chatfield Reallocation Project comment period ends September 6


From CBS4Denver:

The reservoir was created for flood control along the South Platte River, but the expansion would allow the area to be used to hold excess water supply. The Audubon Society says that would only happen in three years out of 10 and would not make the expansion worthwhile.

Comments about the project are still being accepted. Visit the Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Study website for more information.

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Drought news: Horsetooth Reservoir dropping a foot a day


From (Nick McGurk):

On Monday, Boyd Lake closed to swimming after its level dropped to 35 feet, down from its capacity of 57 feet. Normally it stays open through Labor Day. Meantime, at Horsetooth Reservoir the water level is dropping roughly one foot per day. Currently, the level is around 45 percent full, according to Brian Werner with Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. “The primary use of these reservoirs is to deliver water for irrigation and municipal use,” said Dave Rieves, who manages visitor services for Larimer County Department of Natural Resources…

The boating season for trailer-launched water craft at Horsetooth Reservoir will likely end this weekend. Rieves said the reservoir will still be open for recreation and will be a haven for kayaking and canoening, as well as fishing.

South Platte River Basin: Barr-Milton Watershed Association annual meeting (and BBQ) August 28


Click here for the announcement. Thanks to Amy Conklin for sending it along via email.