Chatfield Reallocation Project: Public comments help to delay EIS


From the Columbine Courier (Ramsey Scott):

Jeffco will have to wait until the end of the year before it can see an Army Corps of Engineers report on the proposed expansion of Chatfield Reservoir.

The controversial expansion would raise the reservoir by 12 feet and flood 600 acres to help meet the area’s rising water needs. The corps’ report was originally due at the end of 2012 but was delayed due to the extensive public comment on the project.

Monique Farmer, a senior spokeswoman for the corps, confirmed that the public unleashed a barrage of opinions about the plan.

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One thought on “Chatfield Reallocation Project: Public comments help to delay EIS

  1. Chatfield had been “low” for the last few years. Fill it up!!!! Don’t raise the levels before you flood the proposed areas. Keep Chatfield full, full, full….but don’t spend extra $$$$ to change to a level you will rarely even use.

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