Rep. Ken Buck wants streamlined water project approval

Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) map July 27, 2016 via Northern Water.

From My Windsor Now (Nate A. Miller):

Rep. Ken Buck on Wednesday called for a streamlined process for federal approval of water storage projects.

“In Colorado, water is tough to come by, which makes water storage a necessity. That’s why House Resolution 1654 is so important,” Buck said, according to a news release from his office. “We need to streamline the water project permitting process so that future projects like NISP don’t take over a decade to win a permit.”

Buck, a Republican from Windsor, spoke on the U.S. House floor about HR 1654, the Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act. This legislation places the Bureau of Reclamation within the Department of the Interior in charge of coordinating project permitting among state and federal governments on federal lands, allowing for a more streamlined process.

Buck has pushed for federal changes to water project permitting since he entered Congress, especially in light of the Northern Integrated Supply Project, a multi-county water storage effort that would impact most of northeastern Colorado. HR 1654’s reform of the permitting process would eliminate duplication in water project permitting, speeding-up a process that would otherwise take years, the release stated.

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